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< CITY TOUR - Wed, 7 August > 

We cordially invite you to join us in the tours that will showcase Korea's long history and cutting edge technology.

Changgyeonggung Palace  : a historic site

Originally built in the 15th century by King Sejong for his father, this is one of Seoul's 'five grand palaces'. 

The throne hall, Myeongjeongjeon, is the oldest surviving hall of all Seoul's palaces. The oldest surviving structure here is the Okcheongyo stone bridge (1483), which crosses the stream ahead of the front gate. The smaller buildings beyond the main hall were where the kings and queens lived in their separate households. From here, paths wind past a European-style garden and ornamental pond to the Great Greenhouse, a splendid Victorian-esque glass structure built by the Japanese in 1909.

Like Seoul's other palaces, Changgyeonggung was destroyed twice by the Japanese – first in the 1590s and again during the colonial period from 1910 until 1945, when the palace suffered the indignity of being turned into a zoo. Only a fifth of the palace buildings survived or have been rebuilt.

Insa-dong : a neighborhood of traditional culture

Insa-dong dates back to Joseon Dynasty when many painters live there. Once the heart of Joseon art and culture, it has evolved into an antique district when ancient books and artworks can be discovered.


Today, Insadong Street, which has many old traditional craft shops, is a popular destination for foreign tourists. So, there are a lot of traditional tea houses and Korean restaurants in comparison with other places. 

Samsung D'light : a Place of Cutting-edge Technology  

Future Possibilities Presented by Samsung Electronics.


Samsung d'light is an exhibition space built to let you have fun with Samsung's most innovative technologies

Lotte World Tower is one of Korea's architectural crown jewels. With 123 floors total, the tower is the fifth tallest building in the world, standing at 555 m (1,824 ft). Thus, the tower symbolizes the meeting of the modern with the traditional, nature and cutting edge technology, and the accomplishments of man. 

The tower contains galleries, cafés, and a luxury hotel, in addition to a skywalk and an observation deck. It is one of the best spots to appreciate the breathtaking view of Seoul's vibrant city lights.

< TECHNICAL TOUR - Fri, 9 August > 

Panmunjeom (Joint Security Area) : a unique tour destination

Panmunjeom is located in the Demilitarized Zone (DMZ), 50 km north of Seoul. It was established in 1953 when the Armistice Agreement was signed. 


It may be one of the world's most heavily militarized borders, but the DMZ welcomes more than 1.2 million travelers each year. It is expected the number of visitors will increase as hopes for peace on the Korean Peninsula have been raised lately.